We propose domestic and overseas travel plans that meet the needs of our customers, such as individual travel, group travel, group travel, and corporate travel (comfort travel, business trips, training trips).

Please note that Sun Travel does not provide counter service. If you are planning to travel, please note that we will take the following measures.
Also, we do not sell only JR tickets.

Group customer

In Japan, we have prepared travel plans for sightseeing spots and famous places all over the country, from trips to Hokkaido to trips to Okinawa. It is also possible to charter a charter bus according to the number of people. We will do our best to help organizers who are worried about group trips and group trips, such as requests and prices.

If you are interested in a group tour, please contact us using the button below. A sales representative will contact you at a later date.

Private customer

We will prepare domestic and overseas tours according to your style, such as traveling alone, traveling with friends, honeymoon, family trip, etc. We also make necessary preparations for your trip, such as air tickets, hotel reservations, tourist guides, travel insurance, and car rentals.

If you would like a package tour (JR or flight + accommodation), accommodation only, or flight only, please contact us using the button below.

If you would like to take SunTravel’s original tour, please make a reservation from “SETO-NAVI”.